DBC200 – Duraboot® CV Boot Kit


Manufactured from high quality neoprene the Duraboot® is resistant to:

  • Oil & grease, abrasion, grit and extremes of temperature
  • Tear and impact damage
  • Heat

The design of the boot allows for superior flexibility minimalizing wear and tear especially when the vehicle is on full lock.

Can be fitted to trilobal/tripod joints, follow the simple step by step instructions found below.

Can be fitted using the conventional cone method. Alternatively the boot can be stretched using either of our innovative tools, Duragun® or Duralec®, which will enable the job to be fully completed in only 20 minutes, a fraction of the conventional time.

Covered by our 2 year ‘no quibble’ guarantee.

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Trilobal Fitting

  • Clean the outside of the old boot at the CV joint, large end, using a suitable cleaner.
  • Trim the old boot approximately 10-15mm from the end of the CV joint; leaving the trilobal part of the boot in position. (See diagram)
  • Remove the old clamps and boot leaving the trilobal section in place on the CV joint.
  • Clean away any grease and debris from the shaft and CV joint, as normal.
  • Wipe the outside of the remaining section of the trilobal boot, attached to the CV joint, to ensure that all grease and debris has been removed enabling a good seal to be obtained.
  • Fit the new CV boot in the usual way, clamping the large end over the trilobal adaptor that has been created from the old boot


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